I stumbled across this picture today and smiled because if you’ve been on one, you know the truth of it.

When it comes to cruising Disney, I admit I am an addict.

Hi, my name is Linda, and I am a DCL-aholic.

This blog entry is an homage to DeeAna Archer – the heart, brains, and soul behind Archer Luxury Travel.

In the beginning of my addiction, I had a different travel agent – someone I found online who repped Disney vacations.  For our first several cruises I used her – not out of satisfaction, but out of laziness.  I was not happy with the service, but it was too much work to find someone else.  She was non-responsive, late, unfriendly – and all the time I kept screaming in my head “You get commission from me!”  I even gave her other clients.

But then one day, DeeAna, like a ray of sunshine, popped up in a feed through a friend and I saw she was a travel agent who obviously loved her job.  I reached out.  And more than a client/business owner relationship was born.  I was instantly taken in by how prompt she was with my questions; how instantly she replied when I sent her a message; how knowledgeable she was about Disney, YES, but so much more.

Through the years, she has made our travel a breeze.  I literally do not worry about our travel plans when DeeAna is at the helm.  She is a wealth of information, steers me right every time, and when a much anticipated overseas trip fell apart three years ago, she was the most sympathetic ear, commission loss be damned.  She helped me navigate not only the cancellation and insurance, but the serious disappointment as well.  And when we were able to rebook our dream trip a year later?  I honestly think she was as happy for us as we were.

And last April, from her bed on an early Sunday morning, she booked my husband and I on a Disney cruise 24 hours ahead of when we walked up and boarded.  This is why I blog for her here.  She is the real deal – not just as a travel agent, but as a human being.

Now, back to the picture above – with DeeAna at the helm, we are counting down to my 21st Disney Cruise on August 31st.  This cruise will be with our oldest who is now 27, but first cruised DCL at 13, her fiance, his parents and sister, my husband and I, and my sister and brother-in-law.  You see, with DeeAna’s help, we are out to addict the world.

Each cruise has been different – that is what I always try to convey.  This is not It’s A Small World on the ocean.  The ships are elegant, so very clean, the crew so happy to be there with you.  And adult activities?  Too many to count or squeeze in over the course of 7 nights.  This time around, we will enjoy Palo brunch and dinner, Remy dinner, a Castaway Cay cabana, and even managed to snag 4 of the 8 coveted spots for Be Our Chef – the chance to step into a chef’s jacket and toque and cook in the Palo kitchen.

To anyone who wonders why someone would do something 21 times?  These have always been the most amazing family vacations.  Even at their young ages of 13, 12 and 9, when they first started – they loved the freedom we felt comfortable allowing them.  A Disney Cruise is the best family trip because not only do you get family time, but each person gets to have their own adventures and mini-vacations.

So yes, I talk about DCL a lot.  They don’t pay me to do it.  I PAY THEM.  And as for this blog?  I don’t ask DeeAna for a dime – she gives me carte blanche to write the travel pieces I like, and I am happy to do it.

After cruise #21, the only one currently on the horizon is not a Disney cruise * shock * but on the new Virgin Voyages line.  And it is a special one.  Yes, billionaire owner Richard Branson will be onboard and we will spend four nights helping him celebrate his birthday, but it will also be the first time DeeAna Archer and I are on the same ship at the same time – the first time we finally meet face to face.

But Richard will have to wait his turn, because my first toast will be with DeeAna to finally thank her in person for the years of adding Magic and Wonder to every travel Dream and Fantasy my family has had.

So if travel is on your horizon, do yourself a favor – look no further than Archer Luxury Travel.  You’re welcome.

No matter where your daydreams may take you – Archer Luxury Travel can turn them into reality.  Your imagination is the only limit.  Whether it’s cruising with a billionaire, skiing the highest slopes, luxuriating at an all-inclusive resort, or indulging your inner child with an incredible package to Disney, let DeeAna help you plan your next great escape. Contact archer@archerluxurytravel.com