Whether your travels are taking you to a resort on the water, a downtown conference property, or even a budget friendly airport property for the night, one thing is certain – your hotel room may fall short in comfort, or your packing process forgot something important like a coveted charging cube.  We’ve all been there.  But settle in with these hotel room travel hacks and your next stay may be your best stay.


Cube – We have all been there.  We swear we threw at least one in our carry on bag, yet when we arrive at our destination and unpack, it is nowhere to be found.  Instead of heading straight to panic or the nearest store to buy another, take a quick peek at the options in your hotel room.  Many bedside clocks and lamps now sport USB ports.  And if not, take a look at the backside of your TV.  Unless you have time traveled and are staying in a Holiday Inn in 1972, your TV will have USB ports on the back as well.

Note: Charging cords are the top items left behind in hotel rooms and rental cars – stop by the front desk and ask if their lost and found has the kind you need, and may you borrow it?

Cast It – Business trip in the way of the big episode of your favorite streaming show?  Invest in a Chromecast or portable Roku input.  Just hook it up to your hotel room TV, sign in with your ID, and you are at home in your hotel room, never missing an episode.

Shower Cap Cover? – If you are staying in a room with a microwave, or an extended stay with a kitchen, inevitably you are going to end up with leftovers.  As hotels do not provide Reynold’s Wrap or Saran Wrap, just bust out that shower cap on the bathroom sink.  It makes the perfect cover for your leftovers in the fridge.  Also, as the remote always takes top honors as the germiest item in any clean hotel room, simply slip a shower cap over it for use while you are in residence.

All Around Conditioner – in a pinch, the conditioner on your counter can be for more than tangle free hair.  Use it as shaving cream, makeup remover (avoid your eyes), or even a great overnight lotion for your feet and hands.

Avoid Room $ervice:  Unless you are staying in a remote location, your temporary city will likely have options like GrubHub, Door Dash, and Amazon Prime Now.  Get exactly what you are hankering for for a fraction of what you would pay for a room service club sandwich with wilted lettuce.

Table In A Pinch: Want to sit on the bed while you eat so you can watch TV?  Pull out the ironing board, adjust the height and voila! Makeshift dining room table!

Odor Be Gone!  We have all walked into a hotel room and experienced the unpleasant smell of age, food, or Ghosts of Guests Past.  Travel with a small car air freshener clip, attach it to the A/C vent and banish that olfactory Ebenezer to oblivion.

And finally, my absolute WHY-DIDN’T-I-THINK-OF-THIS?!?!? hack:  No matter how great the blackout drapes may be, light still finds its way into the crack where the two meet.  Instead of cursing the sunrise or hiding under the pillow, grab a hangar with clips from the closet, turn it sideways, and clip that crack shut.  Sweet dreams….

What are your favorite hotel or travel hacks?  Share!




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