Once upon a time… our earliest childhood memories involve this introduction and the assurance that a great story is about to unfold.  As we grow and leave those magical fables behind, we realize that writing our own fairy tales is not only possible, but endlessly exciting.

Welcome to the new Archer Luxury Travel Blog, where Once Upon A Time and the story that you write is limited only by your wanderlust fueled imagination.

My name is Linda Sharp and I will be your guide as we explore destinations, details, and yes, lots and lots of Disney.  As a long time client of DeeAna Archer, and a career as an author, columnist, blogger, and speaker, I am thrilled to be coming onboard this new addition to her comprehensive travel website.

As a client I can speak directly to the hands-on, 24/7/365 accessibility offered by Archer Luxury Travel.  DeeAna’s connections and expertise have provided my family with vacation after vacation of pure magic, where our biggest headache is what to over pack.  From ground transportation to Disney adventures, to overseas trips of a lifetime, she does it all for you.

I will be covering everything from travel news of the day, to offbeat destinations, to the ABSeas of cruising Disney, so be sure to bookmark this page and stop by often!

Welcome aboard!

Archer Luxury Travel, where your Once Upon A Time begins, and where happily ever really does come true.