Special Needs Travel

Thank you for trusting our agency with your vacation needs and plans.  We do recognize and acknowledge a group of families with children who, at times, are forgotten when it comes to trips, cruises and vacationing at the amusement parks.

We at Archer Luxury Travel are intentional in offering vacation planning for families with special needs children.  We will go the extra mile to provide luxury vacations at an affordable cost, planned by agents who themselves are parents of children with special needs and have extensive experience traveling and planning vacations to Disney, Universal, SeaWorld or other exotic destinations. 

Please give us a chance to make your vacation dreams come true.

Our agents that specialize in special needs travel

DeeAna Archer, Owner

Hi, I am the owner of Archer Luxury Travel, and I have a Masters degree in Autism and counseling.  I have planned many magical trips for families who have children with special needs, and look forward to helping you plan your next vacation.

Daniel Vinersar

My name is Daniel Vinersar, and I am originally from the formerly communist country of Romania.  Growing up, I never knew that there was a park called Walt Disney World, but I was very familiar with the animation movies produced by Disney.

In 1996, I married the love of my life who also introduced me to the world of Disney and began sharing with me her previous 6 visits to the parks.  In 2008, we were able to go on our first, but not last family adventure to Walt Disney World. 

Three years later, we adopted our son who later on was diagnosed with high functioning Autism, Severe ADHD, and other disorders.  For the following three years, we were able to return to WDW with our son and it was wonderful until we began to experience the full spectrum of his diagnosis.

There are many parents out there feeling the panic setting in just thinking about what we are going to do with our child with the meltdowns, logistics, food selection and especially the cost for a vacation.  Like many other parents out there, we had asked ourselves the same questions.  We have needed three years of a break from WDW, so we can get all the services in place for our son and to lean about what is going to be a life changer. 

In 2016, we resumed our travel to Disney after some research, and we were able to make two trips to WDW in 2016, one trip in 2017, one in 2018, and we have scheduled already a visit for Spring 2019.

One thing we have learned as parents of a child with special needs is to go with the flow and do our homework in advance.  Knowing his fixations helped us to plan the visits to the parks or to just ride the train and monorail.  Actually, these last two did not go away as he plays at home with his two monorail sets and watches You Tube for them as well.

The reason I have become a Disney Vacation Planner is to help other parents with special needs children experience the wonderful world of Disney, being that on a cruise, in the parks or traveling overseas.  Life did not end for us with a diagnosis.  It continued, learning from past experiences, researching and moving forward inviting our son to be part of the “addiction” called Disney.

I would love to be able to help you plan your next trip to Disney, Universal, SeaWorld or somewhere else.  In fact, our son loves Sea World more that Disney.   Please feel free to call or email me any time to plan your next family vacation.