Universal Orlando Resort

Go behind the scenes, beyond the screen, and jump right into the action of your favorite movies at Universal Studios®, the world’s premier movie and TV based theme park.

It’s everybody’s fantasy… to leap through the screen and find yourself in the middle of your favorite motion pictures. Here at Universal Studios®, YOU become the star of some of the greatest movies and TV shows ever made.


  • Universal Studios Florida
  • Islands of Adventure
  • Volcano Bay
  • City Walk


  • Loews Portofino Bay
  • Hard Rock
  • Loews Royal Pacific
  • Loews Sapphire Falls
  • Cabana Bay
  • Aventura
  • …and many more

At this real, working film and TV production facility you’ll find an amazing array of rides, shows, movie sets and attractions that put you right in the picture. You’ll enjoy themed dining and shopping, a variety of exciting special events throughout the year, and you might even catch a real film crew at work on the backlot. From entertaining shows that take you behind the scenes of the movie-making process to state-of-the-art rides that make you part of the action, nobody brings the magic of the movies… television… and music to life like Universal Studios.

Ask us about VIP Packages and the benefits of staying on site.

What’s the Weather Like at Universal Studios and Universal Orlando Resort In Orlando Florida?

Many of our clients will often ask “what is the weather like in Orlando Florida?” To help you plan for your trip to Disney World we’ve pulled together some helpful information on the average weather patterns in Orlando Florida.

*** All measurements are in Fahrenheit & Inches



Month Average Low Average High Average Temp. Average Humidity Rainfall Inches per Month # Rain Days
per Month
January 50º 72º 61º 72.5 2.43 6
February 51º 74º 62.5º 70.5 2.35 7
March 56º 79º 65.5º 69.5 3.54 8
April 60º 83º 71.5º 67.5 2.42 6
May 66º 88º 77º 68.5 3.74 9
June 71º 91º 81º 73.5 7.35 14
July 73º 92º 82.5º 75 7.15 17
August 73º 92º 82º 76.5 6.25 16
September 72º 90º 81º 76 5.76 14
October 65º 85º 75º 73.5 2.73 9
November 59º 79º 66º 73 2.32 6
December 53º 73º 63º 73.5 2.31 6