Whether your location is continuing to shelter in place or slowly testing the waters for reopening in phases, one thing is pretty consistent with people across the board:  we all have wanderlust.

Living in a permanent present is hard for human beings.  We are social creatures by nature and we love interacting, exploring, adventuring.  With restrictions in place, there have been fewer planes in the skies, no ships on the waters, and hotels sitting empty around the world.

But it will not always be this way.  As the saying goes, This too shall pass, and when it does, when you are ready to spread your wings and set your eye on parts unknown, the hospitality industry will be waiting with open arms.  And while those amazing properties and destinations will never be free, one of life’s best things will: travel professionals waiting to help you with your plans.

Full disclosure:  Yes, I sit here writing a blog for a travel company – Archer Luxury Travel.  I am also a veteran of the hospitality industry myself and know my way around the reservation process, but I am still a firm believer in utilizing a travel professional like DeeAna Archer.  And here’s why:

They Work For You For Free – Yes, FREE.  Far too many people still believe that if they enlist the services of a travel agent, there is a hidden cost involved.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Agencies make their commissions from the travel partners when they book your trip.  There involvement does not increase your cost, and often, because of relationships they may have with the hotels, airlines, cruise lines, your cost may actually be lower.

Location Legwork – Thinking about an island getaway?  How about a safari?  Perhaps a cruise on the other side of the world?  A good travel professional does just that – they travel – whether on their own, or with junkets arranged by resorts, cruises, etc.  They are always staying on top of the latest offerings, global travel situations, and best accommodations in each available price point.  Their expertise reduces the stress involved when planning something in a far off place, and their guidance is instrumental in insuring your the best possible adventure while you are away.

Perk Specialists – Is it your honeymoon?  Celebrating an anniversary while onboard a ship?  Maybe you want to arrange a secret proposal?  Their involvement can smooth the way for surprises, but it also means you may find yourself receiving specially arranged perks.  Flowers, candy, spa robes – you never know how their appreciation for your business will manifest itself on your behalf!  My husband and I boarded our Mediterranean cruise only to find out we were considered VIPs, courtesy of Archer Luxury Travel.

Customized Just For You – Planning the trip of a lifetime?  Well, deposit your bucket list at their doorstep and they will create a one-of-a-kind journey just for you.  From out of the way immersive experiences, to obtaining tour tickets, to insuring your view of the Eiffel Tower is glorious, a travel agent paves the way for your memory making trip.

They Know The Must Do’s – I will be forever grateful to DeeAna for insisting we do the Baths excursion when our cruise docked at Tortola.  I had never heard of the place before and I will now never forget my time there.  It is an experience that would have flown completely below my radar without her help.  Surreal in its beauty, uncrowded, like being inside a screensaver, it is now the experience I would do over and over again.

They Respect Your Pricepoint –  I have long joked with my husband while househunting, “Don’t let me see the more expensive one, because of course I will want i!”  Trip accommodations are really no different in that regard.  But with a great travel agent, they will not only respect your budget, they will guide you to the best use of it.  For instance, while the Club Level, Main Building at the Grand Floridian is pretty amazing, if it is not in your Disney budget, DeeAna will not make you feel bad about that, and she will make you feel great about the resort you do choose.

Problem Solvers – I can attest that having an agent like DeeAna means you have someone on call to help you 24/7/365.  Whether it means untangling a reservation, rescheduling your dates, or booking a last minute getaway – travel agents live to make your life easier.  During this uncertain time with so many travel plans being canceled, they are your boots on the ground insuring you receive all the benefits being offered by the travel partners involved.  And they will do all the legwork to rebook you on a future flight, cruise, etc.  I am currently waiting to see if my Mid July Virgin cruise will fall to pandemic restrictions and be canceled.  I am not, however, worried about the process because DeeAna will be at the helm making sure it all goes smoothly.

Finger On The Pulse – A travel agent knows immediately when specials enter the pipeline, when a cruise has an incredible deal on a balcony stateroom, when a previously unavailable suite opens up – because they are wired in and because they keep abreast of all changes.  Because of their diligence you may be able to score the getaway of your dreams on short notice for far less than you ever imagined.  They will also let you know if your reserved plans drop in price and insure you are refunded in a timely manner.

I Have A Client Who… – Those five magic words, when spoken by a travel agent, can open doors, smooth wrinkles, and reap benefits for you.  By them making the calls, they are received as someone who regularly generates income for the business and they are treated accordingly.  The ability of a travel professional to cut through red tape, resolve a problem, or obtain a perk with the words “I have a client who…” is often magic that cannot be underestimated.

They Are Happy When YOU Are Happy – To recap:  Their services are free to you.  They will work through the night on your behalf.  They will find the perfect room, set the perfect scene, get the perfect price.  They will answer the phone no matter where you are on the planet.  They are literally fairy godmothers/fathers ready to make your dreams come true.  And they do it all for one simple reason – they love making you happy.

So, as our world begins to wake up to its new normal; as you begin to contemplate stepping outside and engaging it again; as you begin to make lists of questions about how it all will work – give yourself a gift even before you start your travels.  Incorporate a travel professional into your life.  Whether you are planning a dream cruise, looking for a beachfront rental on the Hawaii coast, or just need a few nights of business travel at a Hampton Inn in Boise, let an agent take the reins.  Not only will you be helping yourself, you will be helping to reinvigorate the badly hurting hospitality industry and the amazing people inside it.

Bon Voyage!


Archer Luxury Travel does it all.  Contact DeeAna for all your flight, hotel, cruise, and destination questions and reservations.  You know you’ve been day dreaming the past couple months while stuck in this endless present.  Let her turn those dreams into incredible future reality.  archer@archerluxurytravel.com