We’ve all done it.  You’re driving down the highway and see the Powerball and Mega Millions billboard, neon lights tempting you with the latest multi million possibilities.  Immediately the mind cannot help but drift off into the “What would I do?” game.  My kids and I have played it a lot through the years as the amounts have grown bigger and bigger.

There is always the immediate listing of all those in our orbits who would have their bills wiped clean, perhaps become instant millionaires just because we could.  There is always the philanthropic moment talking about the kind of foundation we would want to start to help <insert needy cause>.  And of course, the travel.  Oh, the traveling we would do.  A personal jet often makes an appearance – of course it does – depending on the amount of post tax winnings we calculate.


Travel is always a dream for most people.  After all, travel is the ultimate escapism.  But most down to earth wanderlust has to do with semi-attainable goals like Disney World, the Grand Canyon, perhaps Paris, Rome, the pyramids.  But what about BIG travel dreams?  The kind that truly would take a lottery win for 99% of us?

Well, the single winning ticket holder of that billion$+ Powerball from four months ago has finally stepped forward in South Carolina to claim their prize.  So for them, this BIG travel option just became pocket change.  Care to live vicariously for a moment?  Join me, won’t you?

While most of us hear the word “cruise” and immediately envision 7 days for relaxing and luxuriating in the Caribbean, several upscale cruise lines are offering trips of a lifetime – the length of which require you to be able to drop your existing life for upwards of four months.  For the sake of our mysterious lottery winner, we shall focus on the one I think sounds amazing-est.

Silversea Cruise Line, one of the world’s ultra luxury lines is offering a world cruise that will touch 62 ports, in 32 countries, across all seven continents over the course of 140 days.

140 days aboard one of the world’s signature luxury vessels.  Cost?  $62,000 per person will get you on the ship in a one bedroom suite.  Other options range from 85K – 220K pp depending on the suite chosen.  But our $1.5 billion dollar winner surely would seek out the Owner’s Suite option at $240,000 per person.  I know, I know, that sounds like a lot, but you don’t just get the cruise, the food, the excursions at ports of call like Mumbai, Singapore, Buenos Aires, and Easter Island.

You get a coat.

Yes, a coat.  Marinate in that thought for a moment.

Yes, because this extraordinary cruise includes stops in Antarctica, you get your very own expedition parka.  Ahhhhhh, now you’re starting to see the value, right?

OK, yes, I am poking fun, but in all seriousness for our lottery winner, your cruise fare includes so much more than just food, fun, and a really warm winter layer.  You will also receive:

That price-value ratio is now making more sense, right?  A coat, wifi, and someone will wash your underwear for 140 days?

I’ll be honest, looking at the vast array of ports involved in this Legends of Cruising adventure?  It makes me want to go buy some Powerball tickets (Wednesday night’s drawing is up to $381 million currently).  This cruise, which yes, obviously caters to the true 1% of the 1% in the world, is beyond the trip of a lifetime.  It is the trip of several lifetimes.

The ship, Silverseas Silver Whisper, will travel with up to 382 guests aboard, all enjoying personal butler service, Pratesi sheets on their beds, their refrigerator and in-suite bra stocked with their preferences, luxurious bath amenities, teak verandahs, a full service salon and spa, and four restaurants that cater to the most discerning of foodie palates.

Now, my husband and I cruised a yacht line last year – 15 nights from Barcelona to Lisbon, on a ship that held just 310 passengers.  I can tell you that even over 15 nights, you’d better enjoy company because you will see those same faces at breakfast, in town while you are exploring, at dinner in the evening, enjoying the band before bed.  So roughly that many folks for 140 nights?  Let’s hope your cruise fare also includes making some new friends for life.

The entire itinerary is a thing to behold.  You can check it out for yourself and get lost in the lottery winner daydream HERE.

And if you are that mysterious Powerball winner in South Carolina?  Give DeeAna a call at Archer Luxury Travel.  She promises some very special incentives for booking this incredible adventure.  (Although she does draw the line at washing your underwear for 140 days.)

Now, you’ll have to excuse.  I have some lottery tickets to buy.  I mean somebody’s got to win, right?

No matter where your daydreams may take you – Archer Luxury Travel can turn them into reality.  Your imagination is the only limit.  Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, sailing the deep blue sea, luxuriating at an all-inclusive resort, or indulging your inner child with an incredible package to Disney, let DeeAna help you plan your next great escape. Contact archer@archerluxurytravel.com